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Diet-to-Go Meal Delivery
Scoot lost over 200 pounds with Diet-to-Go
Scott lost over 200 pounds with Diet-to-Go
-Thanks for giving me my life back, Scott, NJ
Easy and Healthy Weight Loss with Delivered Meals
Diet-to-Go delivers freshly prepared, delicious, convenient and nutritionally balanced meals. They have been serving customers for 15 years.

Losing weight is easy with Diet-to-Go. All you do is eat the freshly prepared meals that are delivered right to your doorstep! They ship to any location in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.

All Diet-to-Go meals are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. The meals are prepared by their chef and adhere to the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association.

Diet to Go Sample MealWith Diet-to-Go, there is no portioning, rationing, counting calories or grams of fat, carbohydrates or protein. Our meal counselors develop a custom meal plan just for you based on your weight loss and dietary goals. Diet-to-Go then delivers the perfect meals right to your home. All that's left is for yo to enjoy the food while you lose weight!

The key to successful weight loss is to avoid deprivation. Diet-to-Go meals taste delicious and are filling. Our low-fat diet has helped thousands of people lose unwanted weight. On the average, Diet-to-Go customers lose from 2 to 3 pounds per week while on the full meal plan.

Valerie lost over 100 pounds with Diet to Go
More than 100 pounds lighter!
- I absolutely feel 1000% different and better physically, mentally and emotionally, Valerie, Pensacola, FL
Low-Carb? Vegetarian? Diabetic? No-Hassle!
Today's low-carb diets require you to follow a complex set of rules for choosing the food and preparing the meals. With Diet-to-Go, your low-carb meal is fully prepared and delivered right to you! You can even choose vegetarian! Diet-to-Go's delicious Lacto-Ovo vegetarian meals come in two different calorie levels; 1200 and 1600.

Complete Meal Selection Choose from different plans; Diet-to-Go has one that's sure to fit your lifestyle and goals. When you consider the time needed for shopping, meal preparation, and cleanup as well as the cost of food and discarded leftovers, you'll quickly realize the convenience and economy of Diet-to-Go meals.

Right now you can get try a Diet-to-Go dinner for free or get 10% off any meal plan!
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Delivers to:
  • All US, including Hawaii & Alaska
  • Prices range from $15 - 20 per day
  • Prices vary based on how many meals you want per day (2 or 3), type of plan (low fat, low carb or vegetarian), how many days you want food delivered (5 or 7), how many weeks you order at one time (a longer order will save you some money), and how many calories a day your plan offers (1200 or 1600)
Current Specials:
  • 1 Free meal with order
Menu Variety:
  • 4 week rotating menu
Plans Available:
  • Low Fat
  • Low Carb
  • Diabetic
  • Personal Chef
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