Good Sleep and Sound Eating for Improved Health

Staying healthy and fit should be your priority. After all, the quality of your life depends on it. You wouldn’t want to make unnecessary trips to the doctor, would you? Nor would you want to exhibit early signs of Alzheimer’s or arthritis.

What you do today can impact your health for years to come. Don’t worry; we are not here to tell you about any complex exercise that you must do to stay fit. Although while we are at it, exercising is an important aspect too!

However, we are here to tell you that your health depends on your sleep schedule and eating habits. Fixing these two can allow you to avoid a lot of ailments.

Why is a good sleep schedule important?

Don’t take sleep for granted. Don’t try to push yourself to watch just one more episode on Netflix when it is past your bedtime. Why? Because having a sound sleep schedule is essential. To understand its significance, let’s list down things that you expose yourself to if you don’t sleep well.

1. You develop memory issues

While you are off to dreamland when you are sleeping, your brain is the most active at that point. It works to ensure that all new information you were exposed to earlier that day is processed and remembered. If you don’t have a good sleep schedule, your brain won’t have enough time to recharge. This will mean you are likely to form memory issues sooner or later.

2. Your creativity goes down the drain

Do you pride yourself for being a problem solver and a creative soul? While you might think that pulling an all-nighter shows your commitment to your work, it sets you down on a path of self-destruction. This is because the worse your sleep schedule is, the more difficulty you will have in concentrating. This, in turn, effects problem solving and creativity.

3. Mood swings

If you don’t have a proper sleep schedule, you will feel moody and cranky. This doesn’t just disrupt your health but also your relationships. Moreover, some of you might find yourself to feel more emotional. Your mental health gets affected due to it.

4. Diabetes and hypertension are coming for you

Depriving yourself of sleep is like inviting ailments. The poorer your sleep schedule is, the weaker your immune system will get. Hence, you won’t be able to combat diseases, and your health will deteriorate. Your body will release the fluctuating amount of insulin leading to a high risk of diabetes. While you are at it, you might develop hypertension as well.

How to get enough sleep to ensure health?

Now that you know that a lousy sleep schedule can disrupt your health, the next question you should ponder over is how you can make sure you adopt a healthy sleep schedule. Here is how you can do so.

  • Begin by planning your day in a way that you don’t have to do anything at night. Cut yourself some slack and accept that it’s okay to go to sleep
  • To have a good schedule, make sure you go to sleep and rise every day at the same time. If this time aligns with your body’s circadian rhythm, it is even better.
  • Make sure you follow this schedule regardless of whether it is a weekday or the weekend
  • Prepare to sleep an hour before actually sleeping. Avoid doing any rigorous exercise or drinking caffeine before going to bed
  • Make sure you haven’t eaten anything for a few hours before sleeping
  • Be active and productive throughout the day to ensure that you are tired during the night
  • Don’t use your mobile phones and instead opt for relaxation techniques

Why are sound eating habits important for your health?

The next factor that affects your health is your diet. You might have heard of the adage, “You are what you eat.” Well, it is true. Your eating habits can affect your health drastically.

According to NHS, is how your health improves if you eat well.

1. Combating type 2 diabetes

One of the biggest causes of type 2 diabetes is a poor diet. Eating food that has too many carbs in it tend to cause diabetes. Developing a sound eating habit involves increasing your intake of fiber and decreasing your consumption of fat. This reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

2. Improved cardiovascular health

A well-balanced diet includes variety. You eat grains, fruits, and vegetables. When your body gets the required nutrients in the desired amount, your cardiovascular health improves. Your cholesterol level will remain controlled, and the chances of you developing hypertension will be slim.

3. Bone and teeth health

Poor eating habits tend to affect both bone and teeth alike. This is due to eating food that is devoid of calcium that weakens your bones. However, a sound diet can ensure that the eventual bone loss process is slowed down.

How to adopt sound eating habit for a healthy life?

Do you wish to make sure you stay healthy by improving your eating habits? Here is how you can do so.

  • Avoid any food that has artificial flavoring in it. Opt for organic food instead
  • Make sure your diet has the desired ratio of fat, protein, and carbs
  • Eat fruits, fish, and vegetables to provide your body with the required minerals and vitamins
  • Maintain a food journal so that you are aware of your calorie intake
  • Don’t under or overeat. Both have disastrous implications for your health
  • If you slip up, don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, commit to never doing it again


Before you start chasing success in your life, make sure your health is good enough to keep up with the curve balls life throws at you. Take care of your health and have a braintest if you’re worried about your mental health. Sleep and eat well. The healthier you are, the more easily you will overcome challenges in your life. Remember, no success matters if you can’t enjoy it. Stay fit.

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