Workouts: Greyskull Linear Progression


The Greyskull Linear Progression (LP) workout is a full body, 3-day a week linear progressive resistance program. It was created by John Sheaffer, an experienced lifter who who wanted a training program to help people get stringer while at the same time develop a muscle mass without putting on too much fat. The Greyskull LP … Read more

What is Ghrelin?


Ghrelin is a hormone mainly produced and released by the stomach, with smaller amounts released by the small intestine, pancreas and brain, cells known as as P/D1 cells and epsilon cells. Ghrelin is the main hormone responsible for stimulating hunger. Its levels increase and decrease before and after meals and are also dependent upon the … Read more

Zak Efron’s Workout Routine


According to Zak Efron’s personal trainer, Patrick Murphy, the actor’s routine is constantly cycling, but here are the basics that Murphy used with Efron to get him in shape for Baywatch. Zak used a three-day split: Workout 1: back and biceps Workout 2: legs Workout 3: shoulders, chest, and triceps Each workout was performed once … Read more