Stronger, Leaner, Faster – A New Breed of Fitness-Conscious Men

The Military Diet is a firm favorite for those who want to get back into shape, or even maintain it. But considering that 27% of young Americans are considered too overweight to join the military, this diet may have a whole new meaning.

The increase in a sedentary lifestyle, office jobs, long commutes and the stresses of everyday life make it difficult to commit to a healthy lifestyle. But there are those who see these challenges as obstacles to be mastered. Discover the new breed of man who takes his health and fitness beyond the parameters of dumbells and bench presses.

The Social Media Generation

Previous generations may not have been exposed to the spotlight quite as much as the current one. Suddenly, it’s not just Jim at the weekend barbeque that will comment on that newly acquired belly. Thanks to social media, an extra bit of weight is now noticeable to an entire friend circle and sometimes even beyond.

This places more pressure on not only women to improve their health and fitness regime, but men too. The perfect selfie is fast becoming important to men as well, which means an increased focus on grooming and picking the perfect outfit. But some take it further as getting tagged in a full body photo is inevitable. Fitness is now not only just a requirement for a longer, leaner life, but also for the perfect profile picture.

The Men Who Embrace Yoga and Pilates

For many years, these forms of exercises were considered feminine and only a handful of men were brave enough to enter the domains of the yogis. Over the years, the health benefits of these body-resistance type exercises that embrace specialized movements and breathing techniques have taken on a new mantle. Sports teams are now incorporating these exercises to improve flexibility and reduce injury, which are just two of the benefits. Fitness classes are slowly receiving more men who wish to cultivate long, lean muscles.

Fitness Icons Are No Longer Just Superheros

Remember the years where Superman placed unrealistic expectations on the everyday man? Or how about John Rambo traversing tough jungles and making every boy believe that they could be him, only to realize with shock as they grew older that he is merely a fictional character.

Step aside John Rambo, as a new breed of man is traversing the jungles. Men like Bear Grylls and Les Stroud prove that adventure is no longer just limited to fictional characters and far-off places. Ultimate survival and outdoor fitness are two things men like these promote and live every day.

Those Who Take Their Workout to the Max

Spending hours in the gym and having a great routine means nothing if the nutritional side of things isn’t taken care of. A good diet filled with all the daily requirements is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially in places where farming is difficult or dietary restrictions prevent certain food groups. In this case, some additional help is always welcome, as weight loss supplementation makes a tremendous difference to a fitness regime. This is especially handy for those who follow a plant-based diet or have lowered their intake of animal fats and proteins.

Setting New Records

Not only can the human race look forward to enhanced technology, better medical procedures, and even food that grows in the toughest situations, but also an increase in physical human capacity. The World’s Strongest Man Competition allows men to showcase greater power and ability than ever before, which is proven by 2017’s winner, Eddie Hall, who scored a massive 51 points. His closest rival came in with 50 points which shows the sheer level of competition.

Bulk is No Longer the Only Showcase of Manliness

Frank Zane and Dorian Yates are not only regarded as icons in the bodybuilding world, but also set the image of what is regarded as the ideal man. Thanks to a different perspective that may be attributed to the catwalk and even clothing brands, a new shape of man is revealed. These include sporting icons such as David Beckham and Novak Djokovic, who both portray a leaner physique. This increases the playing field for a larger group of men who work just as hard, but don’t necessarily gain — or wish to gain — all that bulk. The introduction of different fitness routines also creates different physiques, such as crossfit.

Sport Where You Are

No money for gym? No exercise equipment or running shoes? The Natural Method might just be the answer. Often referred to as Parkour, this form of exercise is picking up momentum and is now considered a sport. It encourages the participant to use their surroundings as a guide to their routine, such as buildings, stairs, railings, and more. A form of gymnastics, there is a fair amount of risk and injuries can be extreme. Those who manage to persevere have the entire world as their playground.

The Evolution of Nutrition

From bulking up with as much food as possible to fine tuning this to proteins, fitness buffs are finally starting to include leaner proteins in their diets and seeing the results. Not only are these proteins animal-based, but there is also a strong movement towards plant-based diets. This allows men to increase their protein and fat intake, without the stress of increasing their cholesterol and blood pressure.

Those who wish to bulk up also don’t rely on carb-overloading anymore, as the effect it has on the blood glucose level is not always great for those who want sustained energy throughout the day. The same goes for too much sugar. A more natural approach with a bigger focus on organic seems to set the modern man apart from the previous generations.

Men are slowly evolving to adapt to their surroundings and using just the strength of their bodies and their natural surrounds to become stronger, leaner, and faster. Those who happen to follow plant-based diets or prefer the high-fat-low-carb approach still have the option of bulk through some clever scientific breakthroughs where supplements are concerned.


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